SGCI 2022 Conference: Call for Participation Round 2

Themed Portfolio: Time Capsule

Open Call
Title: The Capsule

Organizer(s): Leslie Friedman & Tamsen Wojtanowski

Abstract: Stories shape our societies, create the foundation of our culture, and help us to further the evolution and survival of our species. The whole of human society is built on the understood organization of information and the hivemind that is created through our traditions, cautionary tales, and legends. And yet so often we arbitrarily divide ourselves into groups, keeping our stories and solutions to ourselves.

Print and photography produce ephemera, the physical embodiment of a passing moment held and discarded without regard, only to wish we had paid better attention. A print portfolio can act as a time capsule of information from the present to the future, a snapshot of the moment and all its impermanence.

What to do when the world ends? Begin again. The Capsule is a themed print portfolio that asks participating printmakers and photographers to consider those instructions, cautions, love stories, and jokes that they think are important enough to pass on to the next generation. Viewed, perhaps at a time when all is lost, as sent messages imagining our rebuilding and our shared futures.

In our academies, printmaking and photography are seen as distinct mediums, with their own traditions, vocabulary, and processes. There are, however, more than a handful of techniques and approaches that straddle the boundary between these two. They are like separated siblings of the same art family. In this portfolio, artists are invited to make work that straddles the line between print and photo. Light-based printmaking techniques typically taught in the print shop like photogravure, photo lithography, silkscreen, ImagOn etching, etc. and the more printerly photographic techniques like cyanotype and van dyke are some of the mediums we anticipate seeing in this portfolio.

● 20 Participating Artists, edition reflecting that number
● Medium: The intersection between academic printmaking and photography
● 11” x 14” paper size
● $40 plus shipping


Applicants wishing to participate will email a brief statement of intent summarizing their interest in the portfolio and a description of their planned media, as well as 1-3 images of sample work to the portfolio organizer. Please see individual entries for additional requirements.

Important Dates
Call for Participation Round 2 Closes: November 22, 2021
Round 2 Applicants Notified by Round 1 Event Organizers: November 29, 2021

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About The Organizers: Leslie Friedman & Tamsen Wojtanowski

Leslie Friedman

Leslie Friedman was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in 1981 and while she currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her roots as a Providence Printmaker continue in her sometime used nickname “LesliePVD.” During the summer of 2002, Leslie learned how to silkscreen in the basement printmaking workshop of the lauded arts non-profit, AS220.

While a student and for a number of years afterward, Leslie made a number of gig posters, particularly for local bands like Zox, Holiday., and the Lingo. She received a BA in Political Science from Brown University in 2005 where she concentrated her studies in political theory and civil liberties.

From 2005 to 2007, Leslie Friedman lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and built a printmaking studio in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo. She describes these years as fundamental to her maturation from poster maker to print artist. In the Fall of 2009, she began an MFA program in printmaking at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia.

For the next seven years, Leslie made Philadelphia here home. In 2011, Leslie graduated from the MFA program and founded a collectively-run project space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood called NAPOLEON, which has, on average, ten artist and curatorial members. In 2012, Leslie was named a fellow at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) in their Career Development Program. Leslie was a winner of the Fleisher Wind Challenge in 2014 in the sculpture category.

In the summer of 2016, Leslie became a “damned yankee” and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to accept an assistant professor position at Louisiana State University in Printmaking and Foundations. She is a current member at the pioneering St. Claude arts district artist collective Good Children in New Orleans. She has been a visiting critic at institutions such as Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and the University of Arkansas, and participated on a number of panel discussions, including SGCI‘s 2017 most-talked-about panel Co-terminous: Sculpture and Space through Print, organized and moderated by Patrick Vincent, and including Tonja Torgerson and Camilla Taylor. Over the last ten years, Leslie’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, including countries like Korea, China, and Australia.

Tamsen Wojtanwski

Tamsen Wojtanowski is an artist in Philadelphia, PA. She explores the materiality and malleability of the photographic medium. Interested in where photography might overlap with drawing, painting and printmaking, the results oscillate between the abstract and the representational. While her work is often made from a place rooted in narrative autobiography, universal themes include the struggle and celebration found in otherness, motherhood, and nature

Tamsen is a member of the collective, Pink Noise Projects. A group of artists dedicated to exploring community through collaborative experiences in exhibitions, performance, and engagement. She believes art is a necessary component in what it means to be alive and thriving as an individual and in community.

Tamsen’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Currently, she is an adjunct professor of photography at the Tyler School of Art and The University of the Arts. She lives with her wife and their two small children.