Pink Noise Projects is proud to present Replicate/Desecrate, an exhibition that features the works of 5 artist members who are new to the collective: Lily Kind, Tyler Kline, Wit Lopez, Nick Moncy, and Bridget Purcell. The context for the show is firmly rooted in commentary on capitalism, in its most saturated and overwhelming state, where swirls of multiple, repeated objects, simulations, and fantastical constructed spaces accumulate endlessly and become impossible to track. The resulting structure is unstable at best, fragile and held together by threads, yet heavy and anxious in its feeling and exhausted at its roots. This show reflects on a landscape of broken promises and hazy fantasies while also presenting possibilities for a way forward – improvisations we can assemble, reflections we can offer, and realities we can create in the face of bewildering power structures that have proven to be difficult or even impossible to navigate.

Participating Artists:
Lily Kind
Tyler Kline
Wit Lopez
Nick Moncy
Bridget Purcell

Opening First Friday, November 5th and on view through Sunday, December 19th
Open Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 2pm – 6pm or by appointment.