July Resident Francine K. Affourtit Program Announcement

Womb Hole

Despite the fact that hearts don’t physically break – we use the metaphor of a broken heart to illustrate an extreme emotion. Womb Hole is a like metaphor – an image to illustrate the violence against women’s bodies while also looking through them. It is the sensation of a dark sinking inside your womb – experienced from collective as well as personal turmoil. It is a source of life, a source of desire, a source of being limited to a vessel and controlled by those who can never choose to create another. And between the ages of bleeding – a question, with so much societal pressure in all directions, both for those who want children and those who don’t and the reality that we often are in a position where we cannot just choose when either will happen. Womb hole is an emptiness, a darkness, an ache. It is also a source of infiniteness, of creation, of connection. It is messy, it bleeds, it stops bleeding, and bleeds again.

In this moment, as I have witnessed the supreme court take away our right to make choices for our bodies, my mother’s womb removed to clear cancer, and my own womb working its way toward retirement – I feel womb hole.

During my residency at Pink Noise Projects in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia, I will be giving form to the sensation of womb hole by creating messy organic sculptures with papier-mâché woodcut prints. Working toward a provisional installation of sculptures filling the gallery – the public will be invited to witness the process with weekly open studio hours.

Thursday July 14: Open Studio 5pm-8pm

Thursday July 21: Open Studio 5pm-8pm

Thursday July 28: Open Studio 5pm-8pm

Friday July 29: Finale Showcase 5pm-8pm

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This project was supported in part by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant