Wit Lopez

Wit López is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning multidisciplinary maker, performance artist, and essayist who has been based in Philadelphia, PA for the past 17 years. Their creative practice combines the skills their parents taught them–fiber art, painting, collage, and photography–and elements of their formal training in theatre and classical music, including costuming, staging, and props.

 Their visual work and performance art uses their background in Anthropology and Africana Studies as a lens to examine, decolonize, and reconstruct aspects of their own identity. Through fiber and imagery, López explores accessibility, queerness, gender identity, Blackness, and Latinidad, while also fully embracing absurdity and Black Existentialism and challenging the macabre.

 In addition to their art practice, Wit is the founder and artistic director of Till Arts Project, which is committed to providing resources for LGBTQ+ artists and creators to make and exhibit their work and to network and collaborate with each other. Till Arts also seeks to improve inclusion and equity in the future of the arts and culture sector, by giving LGBTQ+ youth the tools and hands-on training they need to be organizers and leaders in the fields of arts advocacy and arts management.

López is also a community archivist, art collector, and radical social change philanthropist who believes in the power that funding has to strengthen the art practices of artists from populations that have been historically, systematically marginalized.