Detritus: Pink Noise Project’s AIR Exhibition

image by Jazmyn Crosby

Beginning on January 15th, 2021, the five artist-run galleries on the 319 Building’s 2nd floor hosted an open call for artists-in-residence in their spaces. In response to the difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic presented, the 319 Artist in Residency program pivoted the notion of “gallery,” opening up their doors in an act of mutual aid that allowed artists unrestricted use of the space.

 Building on the existent concepts of flexibility and resiliency, Detritus showcases the role adaptability plays in art making. Each selected work for this exhibition serves as an example of how participating artists utilized Pink Noise Projects’ gallery to uniquely nurture their practice. Former residents were invited to submit unfinished odds and ends, unexpected final products, or evidence of new connections from their time working in the space. Placing the focus on the “debris” from each resident, Detritus spotlights these artifacts as representative of the artists’ incubation and experimentation at Pink Noise Projects. 

The resulting work explores ideas of connection and isolation, with each artist having been faced with the necessity of finding alternative ways to communicate their work with the audience during their residency period. As the work unfolded, the residents utilized social media as a way of connecting, providing viewers a window into  the broad range of media being explored through the residency. Detritus captures the remains of these varied attempts at connectivity, and positions them as works in-and-of themselves. With the 319 AIR program standing as testament to artistic resiliency, Detritus honors the unexpected connections that can occur during times of collective uncertainty. 

Participating Artists: Thomas Choinacky, Samantha Connors, Jazmyn Crosby, Natalie Hijinx, Seiko Kamosawa, Julia McGehean, Lydia Nobles, Jen Noone

Show Dates: September 3rd – September 18th
Opening First Friday, September 3rd, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Note the following COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place for the opening September 3rd:

  • 20 visitors maximum will be admitted into the building at a time for the opening reception and gallery hours.
  • Masks are required to be worn properly at all times while inside of the 319 North 11th st. building.
  • There will be no consumption of food or beverages in the galleries and hallways