Open Call- 319 AiR

For Immediate Release: 319 Artists In Residence

We are pleased to announce the January, February and March artists in residence on the 2nd floor of the 319 building. 

Stay tuned for upcoming application deadlines for late spring residencies (more details below). 


Hsin-Yu Chen: seeing and being seen, the notion of parallax, and the politics and pleasure behind perspective’s construction of a subject
Late February
Chris Capriotti: ceremony, sexuality, materiality, myth, and the performative rituals of masculine identity
THECOLORG: examining visual and physical relationships between art and architecture that exist as a metaphor for connections and bridges between my childhood and adulthood experiences

Grizzly Grizzly

Jayne Struble: accumulations through graphite drawings, which incorporate video, performance and sculptural elements
mid-January – mid-February
instagram: @jaynestruble_art 
  • Rachel Grobstein: miniature paintings and sculptures which employ a radical scale shift to explore artifacts, collections, memory and biography | late March
    •; instagram: @rachelgrobstein

Marginal Utility

Quinton Maldonado: site-specific light and sound installation, designed to emulate a religious altarpiece
mid-January- mid-February
Rat Porridge and Cherry Nin: an editing studio for our forthcoming video project, Question Everything Bitch, which will finish production in December 2020
mid-February – mid-March
Neill Catangay: multimedia artist employing illustration, paintings, sculpture, photography and video to explore themes of absurdity, the abject, colonialism, consumerism and post-humanism
mid-March – mid-April
Grimaldi Baez: found materials used to create works at the intersections of drawing, sculpture, and performance; mechanisms and systems of production and communication
mid-April – mid-May

Pink Noise Projects

Nicolette Gordon: “Everything is temporary” is a performance piece where designer and artist Nicolette Gordon draws linework in appreciation of the present moment. This meditative practice is a reminder that the present moment is the greatest space to access peace and self power
mid-January – mid-February
Jazmyn Crosby:developing a new series called A Camouflaged Farewell which will consist of a collection of fake rocks with implanted speakers containing “time capsules” which are not visible but articulated by my recorded descriptions of the materials and a series of drawings
mid-February – mid-March
Natalie Hijinx: is assembling a detective’s “crazy wall of evidence (feat. string),” documenting the timeline and suspects from the alternate universe her work inhabits. Are the connections fabrication or conspiracy?
mid-March – mid-April


Rob Cosgrove: a durational performance contending with current notions of presence and embodiment in virtual and transmitted space
instagram: @treegaze
Emmanuela Soria Ruiz: performance, video and sculpture; theatre of objects and landscape dramaturgy

David McCord Hannon: site responsive stage sets: incorporating video projections, sculpture, and live performance, reimagining childhood, the resurrection of a time that cannot exist again and maybe never existed

Follow the 2nd floor galleries on instagram to see what our residents are working on, and join us for digital programming in the coming months. Instagram: @automat_collective; @2xgrizzly; @marginalutilitygallery; @_pink_noise_projects; @practicegallery 

319 AIR – Open Call for April and May Residencies, Coming Soon

Automat, Practice, Grizzly Grizzly, Marginal Utility, Pink Noise Projects

The five artist-run galleries on the 319 Building’s 2nd floor are hosting an open call for artists-in-residence in their spaces, starting January 15th, 2021. The pandemic has made it difficult to safely present exhibitions in our spaces, and at the same time, many artists have been displaced from their studios due to the pandemic’s economic effects. In a time of isolation, we hope that making these spaces available gives inspiration and opportunity to realize new work, new ideas, and new (virtual) connections. 

What constitutes a residency or a project is up to the artist. You may simply use the gallery as a space to work, a space to install, experiment, and document, or a space from which to perform or hold a virtual event. We plan to host a series of residencies throughout the first months of 2021, or until it becomes safer to present exhibitions that are open to the general public. 

Each space has WiFi access, but artists should plan on providing their own materials, supplies and tools. Feel free to experiment and install work in the spaces, but you must return them to their original state by the end of the residency. Artists will have 24-hour access to the spaces. Housing in Philadelphia is not provided. Artists outside of Philadelphia are welcome to apply, but must make their own arrangements for living spaces. 

In compliance with the City’s new COVID-19 restrictions, no gatherings may take place in the spaces. Only the resident artists may use them. The 319 building is home to a variety of businesses, artist studios, and galleries. We ask that resident artists follow all COVID-19 guidance, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in common areas such as bathrooms and hallways. 

Floorplans for each space, and the availability of each space, are listed below. 

January, February, March residency recipients will be announced on 1/4
New application deadlines will be posted soon for April and May residencies. Stay tuned!

To apply, please submit the following to as a single PDF file.

  • 10 images of previous work, or proposal images for your project 
    • The mix of previous/proposal images is up to you
    • Please provide an image list, including title, date, media, and dimensions. 
  • Artist statement (100 word maximum).
  • Proposal for your residency (i.e. how you plan to use the space, 300 word maximum).
    • You will be applying to work in one of the gallery spaces, but you may list up to three in order of preference. Each successful applicant will be assigned to one gallery space for their residency. 
    • Please also list requested dates for your residency. You may apply for a month-long or two-week residency in any of the spaces.